Build A PIC Programmer Based On PIC18A Prototyping Board


        A device programmer is necessary for developing embedded projects using microprocessor.  This web page shows how to build a programmer to program PIC devices from Microchip, based a PIC18A prototyping board. 

        A number of PIC programmers are available at, and they are cheap but powerful.  They support most PIC products from Microchip, including those high-end PICs - PIC18Fxxx family MCU's.  More important, those programmers are easy to use and trouble free.  Among them, K128 and  K150 programmers use USB to communicate with the host PC , running Windows operating system.  And K149 is equiped with both serial and USB ports for communication.

         Thanks to the team at that supplies all the details of the design of those PIC programmers, as well as the software/firmware needed.  So you can build a PIC programmer - K149 (serial port based), on a PIC18A prototyping board easily.





Here is the schematic of the the programmer - K149prog.pdf.



[1]  The on-board micro processor, PIC16F628(U2), needs to be programmed with firmware(K149B.HEX) that comes with the software package (DIYPACK25.ZIP).

[2]  The wiring can be significantly simplified if only few types of PICs need to be supported.

[3]  A 5.1V zener diode is replacing E5 on the board.

[4]  The crystal oscillator and two caps (C1 and C2) can be saved if on-board PIC16F628 internal RC oscillator is enabled. With this option, you need to tweak the HEX code(K149B.HEX), because PIC16F628 will run at 4.0MHz.