Full-speed 2-In-1 AVR Device Programmer

- AVRISP/USBasp Assembly Kit -


Looks Simple, Runs Great!



This is a newly designed AVR device programmer, using PIC16F1455 as the on-board controller.  It combines both AVRISP-mkII and USBasp functions in one device.  In AVRISP mkII mode, it works with AVR Studio v4.x/v5.x/v6.x; and in USBasp mode it works with free software like AVRDUDE. 

 Specs and Features:

[1]. On board controller: PIC16F1455 from MicroChip, running at 48MHz clock frequency, delivering 12MIPS.

      PIC16F1455 has integrated a full-speed USB interface, with 12Mbits/S communicating speed.

      It makes the opertion faster and more reliable.

[2]. It supports ISP/PDI/TPI programming. (NOTE: it has limited PDI programming capability because HW restrictions. Plus, you need to

      reformat your HEX file using the tool, ReHex, before downloading) .

[3]. It will work with Atmel's Studio 4.x/5.x/6.x, under Windows 7/Vista/XP in AVRISP mkII mode, and AVRDUE in USBasp mode.

[4]. Can supply either 5v or 3.6v (or even disconnected)) power to the target board.

[5]. Compact size: only 30mm x 60mm. Both 2x5 and 2x3 connectors are in normal pin layout.

[6]. All parts are in through-hole style. It makes the assembling very easy.







Using 2-in-1 Programmer:

There are three jumpers (J1/J2/J3) on the board.

    J1: mode select - ON = AVRISP mkII mode; OFF = USBasp mode. 

    J2: voltage select (3.6V or 5.0V).

    J3: Target power mode: ON or OFF.

If the target is powered by itself, J2 should be set closer to the target power voltage.


NOTE: currently, PDI programming mode can only support those devices that flash page size is no more than 256 bytes.


            Order information:

            $12.50/each kit, plus $2.50 S/H fees

            (The on-board controller, PIC16F1455, will be programmed before shipping. So it will work right after you assembled it).